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science first

i'm excited about this community.

call me skeptic, call me irreverent, but i have a really difficult time taking anyone's word for anything. i like to see real concrete evidence (or at least experience stuff myself) rather than accept "The Gift" with blind faith.

give me the science first, the imperical evidence, or at least explain your experience with more than "fluffy" words like "trust me" or "believe."

once a long time ago in a far away place *giggle* i took a survey about spirituality and belief structures. now i've known i was "different" from my parents' ways and most other people all my life, but i didn't have vocabulary for what i knew to be true for me until i met someone who identified himself as a pagan. i didn't know what he meant, so i trotted off to the library (we still used those buildings back then for more than homeless shelters). i pulled book after book from the shelf and sat reading, jaw dropping wide open, eyes going all misty, filled suddenly with a true sense of belonging. (that survey btw resulted in finding the label "humanist" -- i wasn't happy with it, but...)

yeah, it's a fluffy story, but it is a fact. i found the vocabulary that matched my personal thinking -- and guess what? not one bit of it violated any of the Universal law that i'd learned in my science studies. NONE.

so still now, decades later, i get tweaked when someone starts spouting off about their "power" and their "workings" as if they have discovered some mystical energy source and are keeping it all selfishly secret. bah humbug! if it is real, provable, repeatable, they'll shout it from the hilltops.........or try to sell it to you.

keep the science first. keep it real. the rest, the belief system and the feelings of belonging to the Universe will follow. wobble around the fuzzy (fluffy) edges and there's gonna be a scientific pay back that ain't gonna be pretty.

i try very hard NOT to personify, but i imagine male and female energies (like matter and anti-matter) struggling in the balance for existence. somewhere in that stewpot is little old me....disturbing the mechanics and trying not to make too many waves. every time i skew over to one end of my yardstick or another, i get a clue-by-four upside the head. so i try to not make waves i'm not willing to swallow and choke on.
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