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nonmagicpagans's Journal

The Non-Magic Pagans Community
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This is a community for anyone who considers themselves to be pagan, but is not interested in discussing magic. In other words, the discussion of spells, magical techniques, 'sending energy', etc. is all off-topic here. There are plenty of other places to discuss these things! But here, we are interested in the other aspects of your religion. We also do not tolerate trolls here.

Here are some examples of the things considered off-topic in this community:
magic, spells, theurgy, thaumaturgy, otherkin, channeling, aspecting, thought forms, etc. (hopefully you get the idea). This list may be amended at any time, if there seems to be a good reason for it.

For a list of what is on-topic, please refer to the interests listed below (which also may be amended at any time).